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I’m a Believer

There was a time when I believed lots of things I don’t believe now, yet, at the time, they were just as real to me as my un-beliefs are today. I used to believe that I would go to Hell if I didn’t behave and think in certain ways. Now I believe that belief was all the Hell there was. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Confetti Head – Roots?

My life, on the other hand has been one drastic change after another. During childhood our family moved constantly from city to city during childhood. This gave me a rather unique perspective on life. I rarely made close friends and never became attached to whatever home we lived in.

My mother, who was definitely out of step with the rest of the world, taught me to operate OUIJA board when I was only five years old. I learned to read Tarot cards at the tender age of eight although I was born with the ability to see spirits, Mother taught me how to effectively communicate with them. She didn’t have many close friends because she was so different from most other people we met. Often, we just had each other. Continue reading

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Confetti Head, Day one

My life has always been a potpourri. Never able to specialize, not a parent, and married more times than most people (five), I have spent a life of extreme variability.

I am the eternal child, interested in most everything. I still thrill at watching ants scurry about. I’ve always wondered why all the “cool” science stuff seems to be geared for children. Don’t adults like to explore, experience, and marvel at the wonders of the universe? I would love to go to Space Camp, for example. Continue reading

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