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Ho Ho Holy Cow It’s Heavy!

I’m not a big Christmas celebrator. My only concession to that esteemed, but badly misused holiday is dinner with Allen’s (my husband) family on the 24th. Usually attending Allen’s are mom, Pat; stepdad, Don; sister, Vicky; and maybe a niece or two. It’s usually nice, quiet, and congenial, especially because Don has a quirky sense of humor that matches mine and he breaks out the Johnny Walker—something I indulge in only once a year.

I’m an ex-lush. Had enough of “party hearty” in my twenties. Then it wasn’t a successful evening out unless I spent the rest of the night riding the porcelain bus. BLAAAGHGH. What can I say? It was the 1970s. I’m an ex-hippy turned cool party dudess, turned, I don’t know what, maybe eccentric old lady?

But I digress. . . . Continue reading

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Fred and Come-Uppance Blessiing

However, there are a few shining moments when the Universe, God, or the Great Spirit (whichever you prefer) demonstrates a great sense of humor in balancing the scales, and a bad situation rights itself or the abuser gets, as my grandmother used to say, come-uppance. I think come-uppance karma is a wonderful thing—especially when I see it first-hand.

I’ve been blessed several times with come-uppance karma bringing relief to impossible situations. Continue reading

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