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Spam, Spam, Spam BUT WHY???

Now, I live in a clean, middle class neighborhood with lawns, gardeners, SUVs, stucco houses with tiled roofs, and kids in soccer teams. Still, on the corner was a guy running a meth lab in his house. You never know what lies behind that freshly painted white door with the brass handle. Cue spooky laugh. But, back to sales people. Either on the phone or at my door, I am abrupt and quick. “No thank you. I’m not interested,” or more recently, “I’m not going to buy anything, and I’m not a Christian.” Close door. Continue reading

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Life Goes on, or The Frost is Off the Pumpkin

One morning a few months back, my mother summoned me outside—where she fed every stray cat on the planet. At her feet was a scrawny, little orange and white kitten, meowing loudly between gulping down the food my mother had dutifully placed on a paper plate under the lime tree. When the food was gone, the pitiful little creature rubbed soulfully against our ankles, then looked up at us with huge, jewel eyes, pleading with yet another heart wrenching meow. You know, the kind that is partly silent and partly cracked with the angst of misery. Continue reading

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