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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

. . . Okay, okay, I get it. Change is hard. Letting go of beliefs so deep we don’t know they are only beliefs is hard. Accepting that our beliefs are not the ultimate truth is hard. I understand that. Still, when something comes crashing into my life arena again and again to jolt my sensibilities, I know that I have to write about it, so here goes . . .
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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Diet. Or Not.

. . . As Micheal turned to me and noticed my close resemblance to a possum staring into headlights, his grin stretched even wider. In his most charming French accent, he patiently explained to this ignorant American that the Beaujolais Nouveau WINE had just been released! This was a day that all of Paris celebrated.

“Oh!” I exclaimed in a tone that I often used when pretending to remember someone I clearly didn’t. “Of course. How wonderful.”

My two traveling companions, Robert and David, nodded agreement.

Michael wasn’t fooled for a minute but he was too happy to be vexed by his American friends’ obvious lack of appreciation about the really important things in life. “Oui. D’accord. I am going to fetch our cases now. A’bientot.”. . . Continue reading

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