Breaking Up is Hard to Do

SpiritOkay, okay, I get it. Change is hard. Letting go of beliefs so deep we don’t know they are only beliefs is hard. Accepting that our beliefs are not the ultimate truth is hard. I understand that. Still, when something comes crashing into my life arena again and again to jolt my sensibilities, I know that I have to write about it, so here goes.

In the beginning was the “word,” and that word was that you are crap. You are a worthless piece of evil schmutz. Your only hope of redemption is through the offspring of a jealous god who loves you so much, if you don’t toe the line and behave, you will burn in Hell forever in pain and agony. But he loves you.

Pride is a sin. You can’t be too happy. You can’t be too powerful. You can’t be too connected to god or he will punish you. The thing is that so many of my clients, students, and friends are afraid to take credit for anything that would in any way shed light on their brilliance, or nitidity (a new word I just learned – luminance). Any time something good happens, it must be god’s gift. Anything bad that happens, god is working in mysterious ways, or punishing for some infraction of the rules.

I am sitting in an adjustable chair that has been stuck in “too short” for a while. I finally got annoyed enough to get up and find out what the problem was. Voila! I fixed it. Oh, but it couldn’t have been me! It must be god who gave me the gift of chair elevation!

Anyway, all this brings me to a conversation I had with some students recently about spirit guides. This is a bugaboo for me. For although I don’t entirely discount the idea of spirit entities who sometimes connect with humans for special guidance purposes, so many people use guides as an excuse to remain “humble.” Anything that is accomplished, understood, gained, or enjoyed is attributed to guides. If answers are to be had, heaven forbid that the ability to figure things out could possible come from them. No, it has to be guides.

Wake up people, guides, like many beliefs about Jesus, are crutches and excuses. If you create something wonderful, have spiritual insight, do healing, have a skill with intuition, have success in life, it is because you are, in your own right, connected to a greater part of yourself that is wise, creative, knowing, and empowered. It seems that many people are afraid of this, afraid that they will be perceived as being, well, what, different from those who are locked in a cube of dark fear of being powerful? I don’t know. I only know that this attitude of separateness from our wisdom and what I call, “Universal Connectedness,” is a huge obstacle in the very thing we profess to want – spiritual growth, inner peace, and oneness with, no, not “the creator”, our true being.

The very language used to describe the “metaphysical” spiritual model belies the goal: Co-creator, the creator, children of god, hands and feet of god, doing god’s work, and on and on. This very language is about separation, not unification. In spiritual centers, it is espoused that we are god, that we are one with the all, god is our nature. Yet, still I hear the opposite from people who speak about their spiritual experience. Thanking god for taking care of us, protecting us, watching over us, giving us goodies, or taking away loved ones, etc., express the imbedded, ancestral belief of being separate from and somehow less than.

If we are going to accept that we are one with the all, we need to start examining our language. We need to let go of the delusion of spirit guides, god as a paternal figure with the power of punishment and reward, and that there is a need to have an intermediary figure such as Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed intervene between us and god. Tear down the walls. Experience yourself as a divine being, not a divine creation. Creation in itself implies something or someone acting upon and making something separate. We are not separate, we are only as yet ignorant of our true nature.

We, of necessity, operate from the human mind/brain connection that feels separate. When we awaken and really live in the truth that we ARE the universal mind, doors open and we no longer feel alone, dependent, or need to rely on guides, saints, avatars, angels, and the like for our guidance and good.

Phew! So. There it is. Agree or disagree. Be incensed, or shout Halleluah, but for Your sake, explore your own empowered nature. Take credit for your own wonderfulness. BE.



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11 Responses to Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. Pam Nollkamper says:

    Anita — VERY well said! Bravo! Pam


    • anitaburns says:

      Thanks. I was hesitant for a moment to put this post out because it is so differeent from the others but I’m glad I listened to my deeper self. “Practice what you preach” comes to mind.


  2. Sue Nehring says:

    Thank you for this blog. I can’t agree more. I am in a place now where I am learning to let the “ego” part of me die and just find my own “place”. I sometimes find this hard because as you implied letting go of beliefs and thoughts that we have been lead to see as truth for many years IS hard. Makes me feel at times as though I am fundamentaly flawed or something. But I know this is only the process and as long as I don’t seek for a particular direction and just let it all play itself out, all will BE as it will BE. I really like your quote, “We are not separate, we are only as yet ignorant of our true nature”. I feel that we all have the ability to heal, have spiritual insight, and be connected to our universal mind, we have just gotten lost in the translation, somewhere in our lives( past and present).


    • anitaburns says:

      Hi, Sue. well said! Just remember though, that once you are able tp operate even sometimes out of unified consciousness, that you can and should “seek for a particular direction” because it will be your TRUE nature that is doing the seeking. Welcome to the land of the “found.”


      • Sue Nehring says:

        Right now I seem to feel like I am being taken in many different directions and I find that I am picking up bits and pieces from everything, not just one thing in it’s entire form. At one point I was beginning to make myself crazy because I was “seeking out” a direction and a place to land and started to let my ego lie to me and tell me I would “never get it”. So I let go and stopped trying to find what obviously couldn’t be found at the moment and am now letting the winds carry to me what they will and if something in it feels good than it stays, if it does not then……….. buh-bye. This is helping me learn to trust in my true awakened, aware nature and see that it is indeed finding that direction for me. I back slide some days but that is okay because I learn a little bit more from each backslide and that is the most wonderful thing about it all. I am also finding that as my true nature awakens, so do my senses.


  3. Iris Pena says:

    Beautiful. Well said!


    • anitaburns says:

      Thanks, Iris. As a fellow spiritual teacher, I’m sure you have had similar experiences with those in your class that you must want to shout at, “Wake up!” life can be so beautiful when we even begin to own our divinity.


  4. Tamara says:

    Now, THAT was refreshing! Thank you!


  5. Michael McLane says:

    Thanks Anita for putting it out there. I remember having a heart to heart talk with Angela, my lost love. Anyway, she was explaining to me how she wanted to get closer to Jesus and God. I then carefully explained the nature and wonder in us all and alas, she was God. At first she was overjoyed but then began to consider that If she was God, she could not continue to do all the bull shit she did.

    I never got a chance to explain that Gawdah can do all that shit because Sheeee isss Gawdah.

    Oh well. Now there is you and me. Come on everyone surrender to it, we need the company.

    Love, Michael


  6. anitaburns says:

    In an Email, my friend and Shaman, Esther said:

    I couldn’t agree more. I have telling my students this for years but you put it oh so beautifully.

    Thanks Anita, I plan to share this.


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