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A Tale of Tail O’ the Pup and The Outback

My hair was probably popping out of it’s piled high prison, and I’m sure I had a false eyelash or two hanging on by sheer willpower. And there I was, munching on a super chili dog with extra onions and a tall Coca Cola only a few hours before I had either class at the local college or a job to go to. Continue reading

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Maybe If I Had Been a Mother, This Would Be Easier?

Maybe if I had been a mother, this would be easier. It would have prepared me for the monumental task of caretaking. On the other hand, I only have to go through this once in my life instead of multiple times (if had had children). And, I have a royal title now—Queen of Poop, Pee, and Vomit. Wow, could life be any better? Continue reading

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Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me

My friend Michael is a one-of-a-kind. We met many moons ago in a yoga class. He could hardly bend or move at all and I wondered at his attempts to stretch and twist his very tall, handsome body only to give up half-way through, find a corner and take a nap. There was a story there, no doubt. Bright, twinkly eyes connected with mine and within a few minutes, we were friends.

I was coming to yoga class with my friend Joann at the time and she was initially attracted to Michael, only to change her mind later. Just not her type, she figured. Well, we are all best of friends now. Michael is the type of person who really likes people, and they like him. He can get to know you in an instant and be genuinely interested in your life and your story. Michael is a talented artist, photographer, writer, builder, wood carver, and a beautiful spirit.

For years, I knew that his slight limp and physical problems were the result of, as he said, “Hitting my head against a mountain.” He was a hang glider in the early days of hang gliding. Very dangerous then. Probably still is. Don’t know. Don’t want to find out. He never really told the story of how this happened though, until now. Continue reading

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