Things About Believing in God That Don’t Make Sense

I live in an in-between world, religion-wise that is. Although I have long renounced any religion as having anything to offer me but a nice little mythology and an excuse to get and give presents on December 25, I have not given up spirituality. There is something out there, I just don’t know what.

When most people I know about speak of God, they are thinking of a being resembling some sort of super human—all seeing, all hearing, all-knowing, and with a nasty temper.  That’s religion. To paraphrase George Carlin, if God is so all-powerful, why does he always need money? Okay, enough of the jokes.

People just can’t seem to let go of the Big Daddy in the sky concept, even though to do so means twisting logic and common sense into loops and knots that a Celtic metal-worker would be proud of.

For example. One of my FaceBook friends posted something that went sort of like this:

God speaking to, someone, or maybe everyone. “If I didn’t give you sickness, how would you know I am a healer? If I didn’t give you pain, how would you know that I am a comforter? If I didn’t give you . . . . .”  etc.

This was supposed to be some kind of inspirational something or other. To me it said that for that to be true, God would have to have such low self-esteem that he makes us suffer so that we turn to him for comfort, healing, etc. and know how great he is. It’s like making your child cry just so that he will come to you for comfort and see how good you are. There’s a name for that in psychology, it’s called psychotic.

The other thing that bugs me is how people don’t think this God thing through. When the Chilean miners were stuck underground for so long after a cave-in, they came out and thanked God. Sorry, it was the ingenuity and hard work of caring, thinking people who got them out, not God. They should have asked why God put them down there in the first place. Oh, yeah, see the “If I didn’t give you pain” paragraph above.

The fact that everyone believes that their ideology has the TRUTH and the fact that ideologies are vastly different, enough to cause wars, torture, and mayhem, means that SOMEONE IS WRONG! In my opinion, everyone is wrong in the greater sense and right in the personal sense. Religion, like bad poetry, should be personal, not inflicted on others.

I am going to guess that the vast majority of Christians have not read the Bible thoroughly. If they had, they could not, unless they were completely insane, believe that it was divinely inspired, or that it is literally true. That book is the most unbelievably crazy conglomerate of contradictions and nonsense. It condones slavery, incest, infanticide, patricide, violent subjugation of women, and so much more. But hey, as long as it condemns homosexuality and prostitution, what they Hell. Sorry, I said no more jokes.

Granted, the Catholics say that they don’t take the Bible literally. That’s fine, they have other problems to deal with. Subjugating the strongest drive in the human, sexuality has produced centuries of priests who, shall we say, find sexual outlet in less than socially acceptable ways. Now, I’m not condemning all priests. I’m sure many have dealt with their sexuality the way most other men without a human partner do. Let’s leave it at that.

If God is everything, then God is also evil. If God is not everything, then he/she/it is not omniscient and therefore does not fit the popular idea of God.

There is ample evidence showing how the Christian beliefs, and in fact, most of the major religions of the world, evolved. They had very little to do with a divine, omnipresent  being. There is mounting evidence the Jesus’ life story was fabricated for political reasons. If anyone named “Jesus” (not his real name) existed, he was certainly not anything like the contradictory stories about him in the Bible. Hell, the Bible even gets his inception mixed up. Even though Joseph was not supposed to have been the sperm donor, the Bible counts his genealogy through Joseph’s lineage. Most of Jesus’ life was lifted from earlier myths and stories and jammed together to get fearful, superstitious folk to follow along.

It’s quite a racket to get so many people to believe that if they give you money now, you will take care of them in the afterlife. It’s kind of like the company started in the 2011 End of the World scheme. This company promised that for a fee of no small amount, they would take care of your pets when the rapture happened. I understand they got quite a few takers. I guess the consensus was that the people at that company were sinners and would be raptured. Hmmmm.

One of the reasons people take religion at face value is because they are used to it. Other people’s beliefs are wild and crazy only because they are unfamiliar. But come-on talking snakes, instant Adam and Eve, a God impregnating a young woman, walking on water, etc. etc.

Another reason people cling to religion is out of fear. Fear of Hell, and fear that if they give it up they will have to deal with how duped they’ve been, then tell mum and dad that they are no longer in the fold.

It’s all so mindless. But then, I think of how easily things become sacred to humans. Take the Hollywood Sign for example. Some years ago, there was talk of tearing it down. People were outraged. You’d think the world was coming to an end. They forgot that originally the Hollywood sign read, “Hollywoodland.” It was an advertisement for real estate.

Even people in so-called Metaphysics, who talk about being one with God and that God is everything and in everyone, and spout that we are all one. Contradict themselves in their constant thanking God for this and that, and being ever so grateful to God for blessings and gifts. God is either us or not. It can’t be both ways.

I recently pulled back from a spiritual center that I really liked because it has increasingly, to my mind, become so much like a regular religion. No, they don’t have a lot of nonsense rules, and sin, Hell, and stuff like that are thankfully still not a part of it. It just seemed to me to be increasingly religious in that the concept of the Big Daddy in the Sky is hard to let go of.

Now, as I said in the beginning, I have not let go of spirituality. I am a strong believer in

science and I think science will one day discover some kind of glue-force that holds us all together. I think this glue-force includes positive and negative poles. It is these poles that combine in ways that create consciousness.

I believe in life after death, only because I have seen and talked to so many spirits in my life, and had so many out-of-body experiences, it would be hard to deny that we continue on in some form. Right now, I still believe in reincarnation, ESP, energy healing, and astrology, plus other things like that. I believe these things because they give evidence to the incredible and scientifically unexplained personal experiences of my life. There may come a time when someone will have another explanation that makes sense to me. Then, I will happily move on from there. I have no stake in holding on to my beliefs for the sake of them. If my psychic ability is explained any other way, it will still be there.

In the meantime, I like the words of Steven Hawking, that belief in god is for children who are afraid of the dark. The only difference to me is that the God he is speaking of is the, Biblical God. I guess, I’m more of a Taoist than anything. God is a force of light and dark, positive and negative. All things come from that polarity.”

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment, good bad, or lovely and Remember to Live, Love, and Laugh



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9 Responses to Things About Believing in God That Don’t Make Sense

  1. sherry white says:

    Dear Anita
    Maybe you remember me maybe not. Sherry from the book club. You are a brave woman to post your thoughts like you did in this blog and I applaud you. Bravo and well said.
    Last night I watched a movie called “Powder”. If you have not viewed this movie please do. I think you’ll really love it.
    We are all One. We are ‘electrical energy’ and that never dies. We continue on when we pass and our little bit of energy goes on to merge with big daddy. You think different and I love it.


  2. James Elmore says:

    Great post Anita,

    I was an agnostic for a very long time, until Julia Cameron’s book “the Artist’s Way,” opened my eyes to synchronicity. Since then I have witnessed the dance that I and The Universe are performing, influencing one another. All-That-Is, The Universe is my conception of God. Frankly, people and events will just flat out tell me when I am in alignment and how to be in better alignment. An example: I was recently talking on the phone arranging a date and a video was playing that kept saying, “stay here, don’t go, stay here.” Needless to say, I backed out of the date.

    My awakening has come from the outside in. I am having a relationship with God, and so I agree with you that although religion is good at getting the ball rolling, there really should be a religion for every person on earth, because, each of us is having an individual relationship with God. I have been asked, so do you think you are the only person who exists and the rest is God? The answer being of course not, God is so efficient that as others serve as God/Good in my life, so do I serve as God in other people’s life. If an event happens in a room of ten people, all ten people were meant to have that experience, perhaps for totally different reasons, but The Universe is elegant.

    At another level I know that The Universe and I are one, but I don’t fully KNOW that yet. Not the way that Lincoln knows it, from the inside out:

    I don’t believe in Good and Evil, but I do believe in alignment with God (love) and misalignment. Humans have free will, which means we can choose love – or not. So there is duality and comparison and choice, but isn’t this preferable to being an automaton, even if that is an automaton of love? We must be WILLING to go to the light.

    Am I saying that evil things don’t happen here? I am saying that God loves us unconditionally. A baby will smear it’s poop on the wall for the experience, out of ignorance of what cleanliness is or why it’s important, but an enlightened parent won’t label that baby EVIL, a loving parent will teach a child not to do that. Karma is really about teaching us not to smear our crap on everything, because we’re all one. We are learning spiritual cleanliness.

    I think we are here to grow our capacity to love. To quote from Rhonda Byrne’s excellent “The Power:”

    “All the negative things you see in the world are always, always manifestations of a lack of love. Whether that negativity is in a person, place, circumstance, or event, it has always come from a lack of love. There isn’t a force of sadness; sadness is a lack of happiness, and all happiness comes from love. There isn’t a fore of failure; failure is a lack of success, and all success comes from love. There isn’t a force of illness; illness is a lack of health and all health comes from love. There isn’t a force of poverty; poverty is a lack of abundance, and all abundance comes from love. Love is the positive force of life, and any negative condition always comes from a lack of love.”


    • anitaburns says:

      Hi James. Interesting comments. I appreciate them and I agree with most of what you say. For me, though, the word “relationship” implies separation, and that “god loves me” also implies an outside force. in my few instances of what I “believe” were clear spaces of nirvana, I could not have a relationship with god, nor did I perceive an outside force of love coming toward me. I was an integral part of the whole. God was a neutral force and living out of love was the way to live in the highest sense. I know our language doesn’t always allow for clear and true expression of our experiences of the divine that don’t imply separation, it’s a struggle to express our feelings in the spiritual sense. I know there is more to say, but maybe later. Again thanks for you thoughtful and insightful words.


    • sherry white says:

      Dear James
      Last night before I fell asleep I asked for a sign from spirit. I have not recieved any messages for awhile and I needed one. You are my sign!
      Great reply to Anita’s post. I agree with just about everything you said. I agree with just about everything Anita say’s.
      I am writing a novel about my syncronicity’s and adventures in spiritual communication. It is a novel about my past life and how my spirit guide, friend and advisor has led me to the concusion that I lived a life in the 1800’s. My spirit guide was my son in this life.
      One of my very vivid memories of this life was about a man by the name of Rev. Elmore James. Another vivid memorie is about President Lincoln. So I guess you can see why I was led to believe you were used as a confirmation to continue my novel to the next step. Publication.
      My thanks again to amazing Anita and to you too James.


      • James says:

        Well, that is so beautiful, I do know what you mean about confirmation, and I’m very grateful to be part of this dialogue.

        The experience of oneness is one I am ready for, I am glad that you and Lincoln have experienced it, because it means that it is possible for me as well. I do understand what you are saying, “God was a neutral force and living out of love was the way to live in the highest sense” and that is exactly how Lincoln puts it as well. I will start thinking of myself as being an integral part of the whole. Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing!



      • anitaburns says:

        Hi James. By “neutral force” I meant that the energy we call “God” doesn’t have the filter of duality that we humans are trapped in. Living out of Love is, in my limited ability to express, akin to Agape (not the popular religious movement). It is the essence of love that neither attaches to or comes from any individual point in existence. Hard to fathom Being Love instead of loving or being loved, but it does exist. One of my spiritual teachers, many years ago gave me a moment in time to experience it, but alas it did not last. I think I might write a post about that and why it does not last. I have only met a few people in my life who, in my humble opinion, actually lived out of love continuously. It’s good to have a goal, and that is mine, even if I forget it most of the time. And, who is the Lincoln you referred to?


  3. Glee Sorenson says:

    Anita………..I’m dismayed with your decision to leave. I so enjoyed getting the chance to talk with you occasionally. I was always looking forward to seeing you. However, I do appreciate your take on the situation. You will be missed……….Glee Sorenson


    • anitaburns says:

      Hi Glee,
      I’m not leaving completely. I will still come to events and the Women’s Wisdom, and sometimes to a service. I’m just pulling back from full involvement. There are people there that I don’t want to break ties with, you included. Thanks for the kind words.

      I wanted to be at the Women’s Wisdom last time but I was down from a bout with a kidney stone. It’s taken me a while to recover. Feeling fine now and ready to rejoin life.

      Live, Love, Laugh,



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