Halloween – Bah Humbug and Hah! Bumhug!

This is a short blog note just to get something of my chest.

Am I the only one in the country who thinks that Halloween is a useless holiday? Think about it. Other holidays serve a purpose of sorts. Granted many of these purposes are somewhat skewed and vague, but they have a recognizable reason to be that is sill valid to some degree. Halloween’s original meaning is long gone and now it is a holiday where people dress up in costumes, then consume massive amounts of sugar and artificial color. It is often dangerous for children because of lunatics giving poison candy, or drunk drivers not seeing the kiddies crossing the street.

As for adults, Halloween is often an excuse to drink and party in costumes. Often the excessive drinking proves to be dangerous or even fatal. I just don’t get it.

For children, what’s the deal? Many parents limit there kids’ sugar intake the rest of the year, but at Halloween they are allowed to eat themselves sick. Or, I knew a kid whose mother would let him trick or treat but dole out the candy so he only got one a day for however many months it took for it to be gone or too stale to eat.

Trick or Treat?

When I was a child, I loved Halloween. I bagged loads of candy and got to dress up and go out with my friends to wreak havoc on our neighborhood. We didn’t have parents go along with us, just a pack of children having fun and being silly. Now, I’m not even sure it’s legal to let kids roam the neighborhood without parents staring them down, holding their hands, and driving them from block to block. That would have been my worst nightmare.

Many Christians look upon Halloween as a “Devil’s holiday” and refuse to have anything to do with it. Of course, in my thinking, this is just as mindless. It is just a day, where someone, sometime in the ancient past decided that it had special meaning for communicating with the dead. Even astrologers can’t support that theory.

Still, I am faced with the fact that most people I have met or communicate with on Facebook, LinkedIn, and such love Halloween. It brings them much happy face. So I guess in the end, what I think in my grumbly suit doesn’t really matter. So if it is important to you, enjoy. I’ll sit in the dark pretending not to be home.

Blessings, and thanks for listening.



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