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Confetti Head: My life of change, and color, weirdness, and fun. From the colorful days of Hippie, to all night rocker parties, to married life, contemplation, meditation, and more. My life has been blessedly full and rich. Anita's Real Food: I have loved cooking since my first Easy Bake Oven when I was four. I bake, cook, invent, share, and eat. Enjoy my Real Food Blog. Astrology Learning and Secrets: LIttle-known facets or a deeper dive into the wonderful world of Astrology

Bang, Bang! You’re Not Dead?

I was not a cautious girl growing up or as an adult. Actually, I was a bit of a slut/hippie/Holly Golightly—only not as elegantly beautiful as Audrey Hepburn. But then, who is?

As with most young people, I had a no sense of mortality. No matter what I did, I knew I would be okay. Thus my many mind-numbing acts of stupidity.

Okay, back to guns.

I know it’s not a popular thing to say in my circles of liberal, left-wing metaphysics, but I like guns. I have a fascination with them. I don’t have any.

As with most young people, I had a no sense of mortality. No matter what I did, I knew I would be okay. Thus my many mind-numbing acts of stupidity. Continue reading

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What the Hell is NLP and Can it Make Me a Super Hero?

Okay, so What’s the Catch?

Well, there is a catch. You have to discover and accept that you are not your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. You are something greater and more amazing.
Thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and behaviors are layers of “stuff” that we adopt as coping mechanisms to get through life. But, life changes and these beliefs hang on in spite of their obsolescence.
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Of Santa and Christmas Past

In Spokane, Washington, before my brother was born and I was a spoiled only-child, Mom would play up the North Pole myth in imaginative ways, telling stories of visiting Kris Kringle’s workshop when she was a child. She excitedly spun tales of elves, the sleigh, and the reindeer. I was very impressed when I learned that Mrs. Claus’ gave mom the recipe for Santa’s favorite cookies. Continue reading

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Diets Don’t Work. So Why Am I On One?

Food is more than just sustenance for humans, it has an emotional tie-in that is enormously strong. For a lot of us, it is social, art, creative, comforting, adventurous, and mood altering (think chocolate). For me it is all those things. I was just lucky to inherit “skinny” genes from my father’s side of the family or I would have been a card-carrying dieter’s anonymous member for most of my life. Or maybe not. I might have opted for the more direct approach of liposuction. Perhaps I would have chosen to just be okay with me as I was. That last one is doubtful, though, since I am from a skinny family. Well, except for my great-grandmother and she was such a bitch that no-one counts her. Continue reading

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I Am No Longer Intimidated by Poop

As a child, I wanted to be a nurse, like so many other little girls. My mother shuddered at the thought. “You know that nurses have to wipe people’s butts and clean up poop all day, don’t you?” She said, and with such horror and fear in her voice that I thought being a nurse must be horrible. Touching Poop? Smelling it? Even looking at it? I thought I’d rather be dead. Continue reading

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Beverly Hills Magazine—Living the Uppity Life

We had been together for a few years when he started Beverly Hills Magazine. I wrote the astrology column, and a few articles, but for the most part, I was the receptionist and the “bosses girlfriend.” I didn’t care that the other employees talked about me behind my back and probably said nasty, jealousy things, I was having an amazing time in the world of Hollywood. Stars, celebrities, fancy parties, and more! I couldn’t get enough. Continue reading

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Bubba was a Pekin

. . .We tried to bring our ducks with us, but when Lee went to capture them, they all flew away. Oops, we didn’t think about that. As long as they are fed and have a pond, ducks don’t try to escape. Two weeks later, we got a phone call from our old neighbor, “Would y’all kindly come and retrieve y’all’s ducks. They’re takin’ over my pool, and sh&^^#%@ up a storm.”. . . Continue reading

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