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A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Run Amok

We humans are amazing creatures. We have the most complex and advanced computer system on the planet—our mind. Yet most of the time, we simply ignore it or take it for granted.

Often, because of our complex mind, we find ourselves scattered, confused, rebellious, in doubt, depressed, fuzzy, frustrated, or fearful. At other times, our mind lets us be alert, confident, steady, focused, creative, and clear. However, most of the time we are simply jumping from one state to another, like channel surfing on the TV. Continue reading

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That I Am

For years, I asked the question, “Who am I?” For years, I got arbitrary, dissatisfying answers. Where do they come from, these answers? They come from a mind that thinks who has meaning, as if who were real.

Who gets caught in the illusion of a name, as if “David” were something attached to me like an arm or a leg. But it isn’t. It’s just a puff of air, or a word in print. “Oh, you look like a David,” someone says. What if the people I thought were my parents had looked at me and said, “Radish?”

I am not David. Continue reading

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Wrong Side Up From the Start

You may believe what you are about to read or you may think that I need medication. I’m not writing this to convince anyone either way. This is simply my life as I remember it. Whether you believe this is true or not, it has shaped who I am today and continues to drive the way I think and act in the world. My only hope is that you keep an open mind when reading about my journey beyond the “Twilight Zone.” Continue reading

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Beverly Hills Magazine—Living the Uppity Life

We had been together for a few years when he started Beverly Hills Magazine. I wrote the astrology column, and a few articles, but for the most part, I was the receptionist and the “bosses girlfriend.” I didn’t care that the other employees talked about me behind my back and probably said nasty, jealousy things, I was having an amazing time in the world of Hollywood. Stars, celebrities, fancy parties, and more! I couldn’t get enough. Continue reading

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A Life Lived Upside Down – Tales from an Atheist Mystic

So, that looks like a great formula for being an atheist, doesn’t it? Most of the atheists I know think that if you don’t believe in a religion, you don’t believe in god. Like that is the only choice. Maybe if I hadn’t had such a wild and weird life, I would be an atheist. I certainly respect them much more than people who want to thump the Bible in my face or that think God wants them to be the next American Idol, or President. What moronic nonsense. Yes. That is judgmental. So set me on fire and toast weenies on me. Continue reading

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Before Biker Babe there was Hippie Dippie Hope

One day, I decided enough was enough. The world was passing me by. Shortly after watching the first moon landing on Rick’s aunt’s flickery black-and-white TV, I vowed to “Get outta here and into the action.” It was a time of war protests, riots in Berkeley. People demanding to be heard!

I bought a bus ticket to Frisco, and was on my way. To what? I didn’t know or care. Something would turn up. It did. When I got off at the station, a sylph-like young woman with frizzy blond hair and gauzy, gypsy-esque clothing, handed me a flower and said, “Peace and Love.” I was supposed to give her money but instead, I said, “I want to join the cause.” She looked surprised, then grinned with perfectly straight white teeth that set off her natural, no make-up beauty. I was entranced. I wanted to be her. Yeah, right. Like I could EVER be like that.

Continue reading

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My Big Fat Orange Van and Car Karma

Throughout much of my life I have had car karma. I didn’t have a new car of my own, bought with my own money, until I was in my 40s. Before that, I owned was a string of cars with, well, character. The first car I had of my own was in the early 1970s, a used Ford Fairlane of the early 1960s ilk. It was white, had tires of different sizes and treads, made funny noises, and sported Florida plates. I bought it from a newspaper classified ad for $100. I never registered it because…. Yes, I will get to the orange van in a minute…. I worked for General Telephone in Santa Monica and employees of the lower ranks, i.e. galley slaves, didn’t get parking spots. I sometimes had to park several blocks away from work. Okay, New Yorkers, laugh at that. Continue reading

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