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That I Am

For years, I asked the question, “Who am I?” For years, I got arbitrary, dissatisfying answers. Where do they come from, these answers? They come from a mind that thinks who has meaning, as if who were real.

Who gets caught in the illusion of a name, as if “David” were something attached to me like an arm or a leg. But it isn’t. It’s just a puff of air, or a word in print. “Oh, you look like a David,” someone says. What if the people I thought were my parents had looked at me and said, “Radish?”

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What the Hell is NLP and Can it Make Me a Super Hero?

Okay, so What’s the Catch?

Well, there is a catch. You have to discover and accept that you are not your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. You are something greater and more amazing.
Thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and behaviors are layers of “stuff” that we adopt as coping mechanisms to get through life. But, life changes and these beliefs hang on in spite of their obsolescence.
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Holy COW! OMG WTF!!! A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Rant about our Medical System

So, recently, mom, through her dogged determination to do what she wanted in spite of all common sense (yes I know she can’t help it), fell and broke her hip. She had a successful surgery and should be fine physically.

This rant isn’t about her because I am becoming increasingly tolerant and compassionate as I learn more about this ravaging disease. This rant is about the “system,” or lack of one in this country. To recount our “adventure” down the rabbit hole of our medical system, let’s begin with the ambulance.
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