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Wrong Side Up From the Start

You may believe what you are about to read or you may think that I need medication. I’m not writing this to convince anyone either way. This is simply my life as I remember it. Whether you believe this is true or not, it has shaped who I am today and continues to drive the way I think and act in the world. My only hope is that you keep an open mind when reading about my journey beyond the “Twilight Zone.” Continue reading

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Things About Believing in God That Don’t Make Sense

I live in an in-between world, religion-wise that is. Although I have long renounced any religion as having anything to offer me but a nice little mythology and an excuse to get and give presents on December 25, I have not given up spirituality. There is something out there, I just don’t know what. Continue reading

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The Same as People Who Aren’t Different

Not that any of this is horribly bad; it’s just formulated from a mindset that emphasizes sameness to fit in—not that that’s is horribly bad, either. We all want to fit in with our chosen group. This sameness, however was different from the sameness that I was comfortable with. My brand of sameness emphasized more variety and acceptance of differentness. It reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, “What’s Up Doc,” with Barbara Streisand.

“You’re different,” said Howard to Judy. Continue reading

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Fred and Come-Uppance Blessiing

However, there are a few shining moments when the Universe, God, or the Great Spirit (whichever you prefer) demonstrates a great sense of humor in balancing the scales, and a bad situation rights itself or the abuser gets, as my grandmother used to say, come-uppance. I think come-uppance karma is a wonderful thing—especially when I see it first-hand.

I’ve been blessed several times with come-uppance karma bringing relief to impossible situations. Continue reading

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Alone on a Raft on a Choppy Sea

. . . so many of my clients and students live in a spiritual wasteland. They feel alone, isolated, floating on a raft in a choppy sea. Many come to my classes, not really to learn, but to be around others that they feel emotionally and spiritually safe with. I’m happy that I can provide a place for that to happen and I will continue to do so.
FOR THE REST OF THIS ADVENTURE, GO TO: http://wp.me/pCo0L-1q Continue reading

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Maybe it’s Chronos’ Fault

Perhaps I’m just getting old but, lately, I care less and less what others think of me or that people agree with my worldview. What brought this about on the beautiful morning before Sol’s scorching rays gifted me with his magnificence? I guess it was Facebook. Someone shared an interview with Rick Warren, staunch evangelical Christian. It was all, “God is good. I give my life to Jesus. I know that all Christians go to heaven.”

Nice sentiments, and I will admit that it is a better message than “We are all sinners and the Devil is about to devour us for eating that cream puff” crap. But still, it rankled. I think the god Chronos makes more sense. His sentiment is, “Be true to yourself, whoever that might be at the time.”
Continue reading

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Confessions of a Confetti Head – Roots?

My life, on the other hand has been one drastic change after another. During childhood our family moved constantly from city to city during childhood. This gave me a rather unique perspective on life. I rarely made close friends and never became attached to whatever home we lived in.

My mother, who was definitely out of step with the rest of the world, taught me to operate OUIJA board when I was only five years old. I learned to read Tarot cards at the tender age of eight although I was born with the ability to see spirits, Mother taught me how to effectively communicate with them. She didn’t have many close friends because she was so different from most other people we met. Often, we just had each other. Continue reading

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