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Wrong Side Up From the Start

You may believe what you are about to read or you may think that I need medication. I’m not writing this to convince anyone either way. This is simply my life as I remember it. Whether you believe this is true or not, it has shaped who I am today and continues to drive the way I think and act in the world. My only hope is that you keep an open mind when reading about my journey beyond the “Twilight Zone.” Continue reading

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A Life Lived Upside Down – Tales from an Atheist Mystic

So, that looks like a great formula for being an atheist, doesn’t it? Most of the atheists I know think that if you don’t believe in a religion, you don’t believe in god. Like that is the only choice. Maybe if I hadn’t had such a wild and weird life, I would be an atheist. I certainly respect them much more than people who want to thump the Bible in my face or that think God wants them to be the next American Idol, or President. What moronic nonsense. Yes. That is judgmental. So set me on fire and toast weenies on me. Continue reading

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Bad Ju Ju

As I am writing this, it is Friday, the 13 of January. I hadn’t given it much thought until this morning. Following my semi-ritual, I woke up around 6 am or so, opened my I-pad and checked email. Aarrgh, 56 … Continue reading

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Things About Believing in God That Don’t Make Sense

I live in an in-between world, religion-wise that is. Although I have long renounced any religion as having anything to offer me but a nice little mythology and an excuse to get and give presents on December 25, I have not given up spirituality. There is something out there, I just don’t know what. Continue reading

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

. . . Okay, okay, I get it. Change is hard. Letting go of beliefs so deep we don’t know they are only beliefs is hard. Accepting that our beliefs are not the ultimate truth is hard. I understand that. Still, when something comes crashing into my life arena again and again to jolt my sensibilities, I know that I have to write about it, so here goes . . .
Continue reading

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The Same as People Who Aren’t Different

Not that any of this is horribly bad; it’s just formulated from a mindset that emphasizes sameness to fit in—not that that’s is horribly bad, either. We all want to fit in with our chosen group. This sameness, however was different from the sameness that I was comfortable with. My brand of sameness emphasized more variety and acceptance of differentness. It reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, “What’s Up Doc,” with Barbara Streisand.

“You’re different,” said Howard to Judy. Continue reading

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Fred and Come-Uppance Blessiing

However, there are a few shining moments when the Universe, God, or the Great Spirit (whichever you prefer) demonstrates a great sense of humor in balancing the scales, and a bad situation rights itself or the abuser gets, as my grandmother used to say, come-uppance. I think come-uppance karma is a wonderful thing—especially when I see it first-hand.

I’ve been blessed several times with come-uppance karma bringing relief to impossible situations. Continue reading

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