What the Hell is NLP and Can it Make Me a Super Hero?


NLP Smiling CatPeople who know NLP are amazing. They don’t muddle through life. They take charge of it, and love every minute, even if they don’t let let on how awesome they are.

NLP has empowered thousands of people, all over the world. 

NLP is better than the Magic 8-Ball.
It really answers the Questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is Truth?
  • How can I help others as well as myself?
  • Can I finally get rid of the “stuff” from my past that gets in the way?
  • What are some ways to transform myself that don’t take constant struggle?
  • Can I be in charge of my own life, at last?


NLP lets you in on the great secret—the brain is our most valuable tool and our worst enemy. The problem is that, too often, the brain leads us around like a big, undisciplined dog on a leash.

Like an unruly child, our brain demands attention in a thousand different places, constantly wanting more:

Think about this!
No, think about this instead.
Be afraid.
Be unhappy again and again over what happened in the past.
Feel guilty.
Be confused.
No, you can’t have what you want.
No. You don’t deserve anything good.
 Other people are more important. Put them first.

On and on and on. No wonder sleep deprivation is an epidemic in the developed world.
The good news is that we can change all that. We can tame our unruly brains and have the  means to tell it to “shut the F^@& up” when we want it to. And it will.

How often have you had a nasty, bad experience and your brain just keeps throwing it at you over and over again? Isn’t enough that it was awful then? Apparently not. The brain wants us to keep feeling bad. It manages to scare the bejeezuz out of us whenever it can—sometimes in the middle of the night!

This could go on for years. And all that time you just say something like, “It’s a process.” Process my aunt’s fat patooty! You don’t have to struggle. The feelings can be over quickly—really over—when you understand the dynamics of how the brain bullies you. NLP has those answers and the ways to let the brain know who’s really the boss—YOU!

Most people are prisoners of their own brains. Sometimes our brain doesn’t even need a real event to make us feel bad. It’s clever and sneaky and can can anticipate a possible disaster or unpleasantness and not wait for it to really happen. “Go ahead. Don’t wait for something to really happen. Feel bad NOW.” So even if the bad event never happens, you can feel rotten anyway.

But wait. There’s More. . .How many times have you been really excited about something that is about to happen, like a holiday, a date, vacation, or such and were totally let down, i.e. bummed, because it wasn’t as awesome as you thought it would be?

Knowing NLP lets you take charge of the feelings, pictures, and sounds your brain  dumps into your consciousness. Our brains are phenomenal things. No computer can come close to the power and complexity of human thinking.

The problem is that, as human beings, we are taught how to master physical movement, but our brains are left to chance learning. We pump skills into it such as information, math, and socially acceptable behavior, religious or spiritual concepts. But we aren’t taught how to not learn something harmful or how to unlearn something we don’t want to think or feel. Our brains are vast learning machines and they learn the garbage along with the good stuff.

Phobias are a great example. When I was in college, I was taught that phobias were big, scary red letters that took years to process through. I believed it. I was among the great ignorant masses. It just ain’t true.

People spend years and thousands of dollars to get rid of phobias. When I learned NLP, one of the big AHAs for me was that phobias are merely concentrated learning experiences. We learned to be afraid of something. A phobic never forgets to be afraid of whatever the phobia is about. Phobias are thorough, complete, all the way down to our toes learning.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn good stuff that thoroughly? You can.
We learn so easily, but don’t know how to learn selectively. Our brains are such sluts. It pulls us here and there, willy nilly, and it runs our emotions and behavior. Thoughts and experiences get linked and become beliefs and behaviors.

If you’ve ever had a bad puking bout with a food, you could go for years not being able to eat it simply because the thought of it throws those old squiggy feelings into your body whenever you see, smell, taste, or even think about the food.

One of  my super-away-from drink was the popular 70s drink Harvey Wallbanger. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that I spend several hours, beginning at two in the morning, driving the porcelain bus—retching out my insides. For many decades, just the thought of one made me lurch. You guessed, it a few minutes with NLP and I can now think about Kahlua and whatever else is mixed into that now unfancy drink and have no reaction whatsoever.

Music also packs a punch. A song that brings up personal emotions because of when and where you heard it can impact emotions for years every time we hear it.

By knowing how you learn, how the brain runs your show, how experiences get linked to create behavior, beliefs and feelings, you can be in control of your life and get just about anything you want from it.

Ever wonder how it is that talented, attractive, intelligent people can feel worthless?  Ever wonder how untalented, intellectually lame people can feel so arrogant and self-important? i.e. watch American Idol tryouts.It’s a thing called Mind Maps.

How we feel inside forms our beliefs about us. These beliefs are often stamped into us in childhood, or in the womb. Some people believe they can be carried over from a past life. Hey, we don’t rule anything out.

NLP can read those patterns like a recipe so you can change them into something that will bring more freedom, choice, empowerment, joy, peace, growth, or whatever floats your boat in a storm.

How, you ask, how in the world does this amazing thing work?

You learn and unlearn through a step-by-step process about your subjective self(personal, emotional) and about others, too.

You separate your brain’s file cabinet, like sorting laundry, and begin to understand the difference between what you’ve been fed all your life and accepted from who you really are.
Then, through precise tools and techniques, learn to change the broken parts or those you no longer need, into forms that serve and support your happiness, clarity, and empowerment.

We show you how. And, you have fun in the process. No pain, no gain? Baloney.

Okay, so What’s the Catch?

Well, there is a catch. You have to discover and accept that you are not your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. You are something greater and more amazing.
Thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and behaviors are layers of “stuff” that we adopt as coping mechanisms to get  through life. But, life changes and these beliefs hang on in spite of their obsolescence.

Know that anything you have learned throughout  life can be unlearned or changed into something better. And, the good stuff you want to keep can be enhanced and fortified.

You must realize that TRUTH is a subjective experience. Truth and beliefs are largely not about reality, but about consensual, or shared reality. If enough people believe something to be true it is accepted as a truth.

If only one person believes something to be true, he may be labelled insane or delusional.
The great and quirky Einstein hallucinated about riding through space on a beam of light. He was a scientist and presented his hallucination in scientific terms. Therefore, other scientists could easily join in with the hallucination—a shared reality.

Einstein based his ground-breaking theory of relativity on his hallucination (I don’t know if funny mushrooms were involved or not). If others, outside the shared reality frame of science had the same hallucination, they  would be considered delusional or insane.

Learning NLP, even a little bit, is a huge step toward running your own brain, transforming yourself in ways that only lead to a better way of living and feeling.


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